Hello and Welcome to Tapping Into Good Health's Spring 2020 Newsletter

I hope this newsletter provides you with a few resources that you can use to help you through these uncertain and difficult times. We are all experiencing this pandemic in different ways and feeling things we have never felt before and are unable to comprehend. Some of us have suffered great heart-ache in the loss of loved ones, others huge stress regarding work, finances, home schooling. There is a huge amount of fear that spreads in the same volume as the virus itself. There are also those who have seen this as "The Great Pause", a time for healing, reflection, peace from a world's pace of which we can not keep up with. It is also a time whereby the world, and all it's glory is healing as planet and that us humans are coming together in a united love and understanding that all of us, worldwide, in one way or another are affected.

I would firstly like to share my poem 'In This Moment', with the hope that it brings you calm amongst the chaos.

'In THIS Moment' by Melody Lovell

In this moment, I hear an orchestra playing in the skies,
a myriad of melodies near and far and in all directions.
A loud silence and a peaceful noise.

In this moment, I feel the rise and fall of my chest.
My breath as it goes in and out, rolling back and forth like a
gentle wave on the sea shore.
I feel electricity dancing throughout my body,
an endless flow with no boundaries or restrictions.
Vitality, visible in my veins.

In this moment, I see a glorious piece of art.
It is not a blur of different colours, nor of shapes blended together.
It is a creation of vast detail. Defined. Deep, and alive.

In this moment, I feel the presence of my loved ones.
They are my family, my friends, my wise teachers.
Tenderly they touch me with their warm smiles and
grace me with their love. This, I sense so deeply.

In this moment, I also acknowledge the fear within,
like I've swallowed a black hole.
But, if I hold it with compassion and kindness,
like I would hold a new born baby, it need not possess me.
Uncertainty is certain. Abnormality is normal.
This moment is not the past of how it was,
nor the future of how it will be.
It is THIS moment, which is real and which is true.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) aka 'Tapping' has become quite a popular tool since the Pandemic began as many are discovering it for the first time and seeing the benefits it has. One of the main advantages is that you tap on yourself, at any time you need it and for any issue. It does not require you to go to a clinic and you don't need any equipment. EFT has been proven to lower the stress hormone Cortisal in our bodies, and although it doesn't bring back loved ones, or solve our financial problems, it does allow us to not sink deep below the water.

If you haven't experienced EFT before, you can visit my 'Basic Guide to Tapping'.

However, there are a few things you may like to do differently when tapping on your self during such heavy times, rather than tapping on something that is just bothering you, as described in my guide.

Using EFT, what to tap on?
If you are tapping on yourself on a big issue, it is beneficial to just be tapping on the physical sensations you are experiencing rather than the thoughts or feelings you have. You may feel a heaviness on your shoulders or tightness in the chest for example. Or, you can tap on images in your mind. Choose a specific thing that is upsetting you and put an image to it. Not a disturbing realistic image but an image that may represent it, and set no limits to your imagination. After a round of tapping notice how the physical sensation has changed or how the image has altered. Do as many rounds of tapping as you need to until the sensation or image becomes comfortable to feel or see.

Balancing Statement:
In EFT, when we state the physical sensation or image we see, we follow it with a positive statement such as "I love and accept myself anyway". You may like to choose a different type of positive statement during these times. I personally like to use "I know I will learn something from this experience". And others have used "My dog is so happy to have me at home right now", or "this will come to an end" or "I choose to find stories of great courage and strength" (which my EFT trainer likes to use). Use which ever feels true to you and which gives you a sense of certainty and safety.

If you would like help with this then please get in touch and I can book you in a session. I'm sure many of you have now got used to using zoom!

EFTInternational, which is the World's Leading Professional EFT Association (of which I do voluntary work for in the Communications team) have created a YouTube channel. We are building a number of helpful tapping videos and I particularly recommend the video by Jade Barbee, an EFT Master Trainer over in the States. It is really simple and easy to follow and this video is specific to anyone with constricted breathing.

Here is a talk on facing your fears by Tara Brach, clinical psychologist and spiritual teacher. I find her words to be very powerful and comforting and I will often turn to a Tara talk for some added reflection and healing when it is needed.

I will sign off for now but please send me an email if you would like to book a session or have a free 15 minute consultation over zoom and tell your friends about me too. Email You can also follow me on  Facebook where I offer advice and support and share information about EFT.

Sending you love, light and strength.

Melody x